Goodbye Letter

Dear members and friends of Second Presbyterian Church,

​ It is with profound love, a deep sense of affection, and mixed emotions that I am writing to you, my beloved church family. After eleven years of ministry at Second Presbyterian Church, it is time for me and my family to move on. As some of you may know, the company for which my husband, Jonathan, works was bought out by AT&T last year. Since then they have been working to make the transition to close the Little Rock offices where he is employed. Now Jonathan has been offered and accepted a new position with AT&T at their corporate headquarters in Atlanta. This is an exciting opportunity for him with room for new challenges and career growth not available for him in Arkansas.

​Jonathan has already begun work in this new position and needs to relocate to Atlanta as soon as possible. So I am writing to let you know that Sunday, September 14 will be my last day as your Associate Pastor. We will soon visit Atlanta to look at homes with the hopes of getting settled there by the end of September. As for my call, I’m not sure what’s next. I do not have a new call there yet. I will be looking in the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta for what opportunities are out there. I am grateful that in my time here I have learned and grown so much as a pastor that I feel well-equipped for whatever is ahead.

​ It has been the highest privilege and honor to be your pastor over these past eleven years. When I accepted this call I thought I’d be around for a few years. I had no idea what was ahead. You welcomed me as a young, freshly-ordained pastor. Together we started a new ministry with and for Young Adults and offered a new way to worship. I have been honored to accompany you all through births and deaths, through the launch of new programs and the end of those whose time was complete, through a capital campaign and building project, and in the everyday life and work of the church.

​Additionally, it has been a joy to have you accompany me as my life has grown and developed here. Jonathan, Lily, Jackson and I are going to be so sad to leave this dear congregation. This is where my husband and I met and were married. It is where both children were baptized and it is the only church home they have known. You all have walked beside me through my first experiences of ordained ministry, through marriage and home-buying, through my father’s illness and death, and through the birth of my two children. We have celebrated successes and weathered missteps together. Once again I start a new journey, now with a family and the experience and love of an amazing congregation. Thank you for allowing me to serve you all these years and for faithfully walking with me on the journey. I am excited to see what the Spirit has in store for me next.

​The Session, staff, and I will be sharing more information with you shortly about this transition and what steps come next in this interim period. Over the next few weeks I hope to have the opportunity to personally say goodbye to as many of you as possible. I will be keeping each of you in my prayers, and I would appreciate your prayers for me and my family during this time. It has truly been an honor and a blessing to be your Pastor.




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