The one about the PC(USA) 221st general assembly

As I reflect on my 8 days with the PC(USA) general assembly I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to share in the work, worship and fellowship of our church.

I give thanks for our Reformed heritage and our polity that helps to slow us down and listen for the spirit and the voices of those often silent.
I give thanks for opportunities to worship, filled with excellent preaching, thoughtful liturgy, music that speaks for us when words alone are not enough, and a spirit that got me out of my head long enough to open me up to genuine prayer and praise.
I give thanks for the chance to reconnect with old friends, make new ones, and finally meet those I’ve only known through social media.

I am grateful for folks like the Fellowship of Presbyterians, who many may see as being on the “losing” side of the marriage votes, who are modeling a way of offering grace and staying at the table to unite in ministry with those with whom they do not always agree.

It is my deep and profound hope that our Jewish and Palestinian brothers and sisters will see our actions as both a stand against oppression and violence AND as a commitment to continue in relationship with interfaith partners as we unite for the cause of peace and justice.

We did good, hard, sometimes confusing and flawed, but always faithful work. I pray that all who read the headlines know that we voted our hopes and not our fears. And may the church, and her disciples, faithfully live in to the work we’ve done, abounding in hope that is rooted in Christ, not in our own finite selves.

Thanks to all who put up with my Presbyterian posts and those who prayed for our work.

Special thanks to my family for making it possible for me to go.


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