Holy Week Box

This is an idea that my mom, Linda LeBron (a fabulous retired church educator), came up with a few years ago. We’ve used it with our moms’ Bible study group. It’s something that families could make together at home, in a class, or even as part of a worship service with interactive prayer stations.

Our family made one with my daughter when she was 3 1/2 years old. It led to some great conversations about communion and ultimately to her taking communion for the first time that Easter.

Here it is:

All of the supplies can be found at a regular craft store: cardboard box with lid (approximately  2″x2″x3″), marker, white fabric, green paper, scissors, simple wooden doll (they came in a bag of 12)


Cut the green paper to resemble 2 or more palm branches. Shout “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna!” and tell the story of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.



Maundy Thursday- draw a simple cup and loaf of bread on the lid of the box. Jesus stands at the table and shares the meal with his disciples. We remember how he told us to do the same.


Good Friday- draw a simple cross on the back of the box. You can talk with children about how sad all of Jesus’ friends were that day.


Cover Jesus with the grave cloth and place him in the tomb



Easter! The tomb is empty! Tell the story of the great news that when Jesus’ friends went to visit his tomb it was empty. Christ is risen! He is risen, indeed!



Now pack it all up until next Lent and hope you can remember where you put it (not that that ever happened to me).



A song you could sing with children for Good Friday and Easter is a classic Piggyback Song, sung to the tune of “Are You Sleeping?”

Here’s the cross. Here’s the cross.[make cross with your fingers]

Jesus died. Jesus died. [use finger to make tears fall from your eyes down your cheeks]

See the tomb. [cup hands together to make tomb]

Empty tomb. [open hands to reveal empty tomb]

He’s alive! He’s alive! [clap to the beat]




11 thoughts on “Holy Week Box

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  3. So pleased to that you have already done something I was thinking of doing. It’s fantastic, thank you. I’m using it as part of a quiet morning where children can take part as well as adults.

  4. Thanks for this great idea! Also, can anyone share where they are finding the boxes? I got wooden figurines that are 2 and 5/8 in high and now I am having (at least online) finding a box with a lid that they will fit into. Thanks for the help!

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